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If you have heard about the Direct Buy cost for membership , you may be wondering where that money goes and what it pays for. As with any club, the Direct Buy cost of membership brings specific benefits for the members who pay the fee. You may have heard about the confidential insider pricing that only members can access or the hundreds of thousands of available products in hundreds of brands. These benefits are a direct result of the Direct Buy cost for membership. In addition, the Direct Buy cost for membership fees goes to pay for the more than one hundred showrooms or clubs that are located throughout Canada and the United States. These showrooms are well designed to be spacious, clean, and organized so that members can see some of the products up close. They are also the home of the many manufacturers' catalogs that contain complete lists of the products that are available to members along with their confidential insider prices. The next thing that the Direct Buy cost for membership pays for is the employees' salaries. Because the employees are paid from the Direct Buy cost paid by members, they are not working for sales commissions and will not pressure members into purchasing any products. They are also highly trained in the art of customer service so that they can help members understand and receive all of the benefits that are available to them. Many member reviews praise the excellent customer service they receive at their local showrooms. The Direct Buy cost paid by members also helps to pay for the design and maintenance of the large member website where members can find most of the products available through Direct Buy. Upkeep of the showrooms, advertising, and many other things are paid for by the Direct Buy cost that members pay. In the retail world, all of these costs are simply passed on to the consumer through high retail prices. Because Direct Buy pays for all of their overhead costs with membership fees , there is never a hidden retail markup on the products that members buy. Instead, the prices are negotiated by Direct Buy for the members. This is what allows members to save so much money on the products they purchase from Direct Buy. In a very real sense, the Direct Buy cost is the driver for the Direct Buy savings that the hundreds of thousands of members receive. When member reviews mention the thousands of dollars that many members save on products they buy, one can see that a Direct Buy cost of a few thousand dollars for a membership fee will soon be passed by the many thousands of dollars saved on products purchased for large home improvement projects. As you can see, the Direct Buy cost of membership pays for many things that translate directly into member benefits. The showrooms house the products and catalogues. 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