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Israel has moved one step closer to becoming an exporter of natural gas after Australia’s Woodside Petroleum agreed to purchase 25% stake in the country’s gigantic Leviathan offshore gas field for $2.71 billion.

The deal came through after months of anticipation with the Australian gas giant agreeing to pay more than it had originally offered. It may be recalled that the company had in principle agreed to pay $1.25 billion for a 30% stake in the huge East Mediterranean field in December 2012.

Woodside Energy Ltd signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Leviathan partners led by the Houston , Texas-based Noble Energy Corp, which will remain the project's main partner with a 30 percent stake.

The other partners – Delek Drilling, Avner Oil Exploration and Ratio Oil Exploration – will sell one quarter of their stakes to Woodside, which is regarded as a global leader in the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In a statement released by Leviathan , the partners expressed confidence that Woodside’s rich experience will provide a significant boost for the company. For Woodside, the project is in line with its strategy to diversify outside of Australia. In addition to the Leviathan partnership, the Australian company is also considering projects in Myanmar and Ireland.

Leviathan is estimated to hold about 19 trillion cubic feet (540 billion cubic meters) of natural gas. Despite the rather lucrative prospect of gas exports, it’s believed that the gas field will initially be developed to serve the domestic market and exports will become more likely only after the local supplies are up and running.

The project is expected to produce 800 million cubic feet of gas per day with the first gas expected in 2017.

Meanwhile , in a related development, representatives from the Israeli gas company met with members of the British Gas Group in Cyprus to discuss the possibility of exporting gas to Egypt. The Leviathan partners also signed their first export deal worth $1.2 billion with the Palestinian Power Generation Company in January this year.

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Israel Moves Towards Becoming a Natural Gas Exporter: Aus Co. to Purchase Stake in Israeli Gas Field

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Care Packages Ideas For A Loved One April 25, 2013 | Author: Cherry Mercer | Posted in Food & Beverage
For families who have a loved one who is a soldier , having care packages ideas all of the time is common. Everyone just feel proud that someone from their family serves for the honor of the country. But then they could not help but feel bad that they are sacrificing too much as well. Sending little things can mean so much to them as they are away most of the time and may feel bad.

The soldiers in the camp would actually be more than thankful to receive whatever little thing their loved ones could send over. In a way, their families should be happy that they can ease the pain a bit. There are also caring groups that give some help to soldiers deployed in camps.

Those who plan to send them some things should not forget about toiletries. Hygiene is a very important consideration for these people. They may not get to use all of the good amenities in the camp. They may be provided with these basic things in the camp but these are not of the best qualities. From time to time, it would be best to also use the things they used to have access to.

They should also have their personal comfort items and first aid kit. The band aids, nasal spray , heat relief pads. Throat lozenges and other stuff could go a long way. It may not just help them but also others that they could meet. It is best that they have these ready in case they would need them.

There are some families who could also send some clothes to their loved ones. They have to be very particular with the things that they send as there are camps that do not accept a certain type of clothing article in. It would help if the family would get these things known first. They can just send simple and useful articles so that their loved ones would be more comfortable.

Snack foods are also very much welcome. These are items that could provide some spice into their lives especially that they are only given rations. It would be nice to add some good into the package as they also need food to be more energetic. Most of them would be grateful for these food stuff.

Those sending them packages should remember not to send things that may get spoiled. There is a great chance that they will not have these things even sent. The long waiting time should be an indicator that only preserved and ready to eat food are ideally sent.

Entertainment is very crucial in the camp and everyone should think of the right way to work on it. They must consider what their loved ones would do if they ever get bored. If they love listening to songs, a music player can do the trick. They may read books as well which are very helpful too. Playing cards could work but then there are camps that prohibit them.

It would help to come up with good care packages ideas if the people sending it personally know the soldier. There are Soldier’s Angels who also adopt them and give them these things. It would be nice to include encouraging words as well as these can really brighten up their day. Their conditions are not exactly the best and some good words could make them feel real good.

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